American Eskimo

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About the American Eskimo Dog

American EskimoThe American Eskimo is recognized by the United Kennel Club in two sizes: Standard and Miniature. The Standard American Eskimo stands 14-19 inches high at the shoulder and weighs 18-35 pounds; the Miniature stands 11-15 inches and weighs 10-20 pounds. Yet to acquire AKC recognition, the little known Toy American Eskimo stands less than 12 inches high and weighs from 6-10 pounds.

Eskies, as they are affectionately known, are thickly coated white Spitz dogs; some dogs are seen in shades of cream or biscuit, as is the Samoyed. In the United States, the Eskies’ homeland, the breed was once referred to as simply Spitz. American Eskimos derive fro the same stock as the German Spitzen. White dogs were favored by American breeders. Eskies are catlike in their cleanliness and love outdoor life.


The video below is from Dogs 101, Animal Planet series.

The videos below show a beautiful Eskie living a great life in Alaska.

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