Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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About Chesapeake Bay Retriever

American Brittany SpanielThe Chesapeake Bay Retriever originated on the Maryland shores bordering the Chesapeake Bay, where various gundogs and hounds were diligently crossed to produce this definitive duck hunter. The Chessie’s distinctive coat is thick, short, harsh; wavy on the back; never curly; and provides excellent protection in icy environments – virtual necessity when called upon to retrieve over 200 ducks on a single, snowy, Maryland-winter day. Chessies are bright, cheerful, well-mannered dogs who are easily trained and very hard workers, which accounts for the breed’s performing well in all facets of the dog world, including obedience, tracking, field trials, conformation competition, and therapy work.

Essentially the breed is an easy-care animal, which, coupled with its abilities and positive nature, makes for a most pleasing dog for the right owner.


The video below is from Dogs 101, Animal Planet series.

The video below shows training a Chessie, and demonstrates how smart and enthusiastic this dog is.

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