Cocker Spaniel

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About Cocker Spaniel

American Brittany SpanielThe Cocker Spaniel is a truly distinctive sporting dog: the smallest member of the Sporting Group and among the most popular of all dogs kept as pets in the United States. The breed descends from the English Cocker, which was brought to the U.S. by emigrating Englishmen. Once in America, the breed’s type gradually changed until the perfection of today’s type was reached. The Cocker stands 14-15 inches tall. It appears in several basic color varieties (black, any color other than black, and tan points); some assert that the wide range of possible colors attracts many fanciers to the breed, which is not to detract from the many outstanding qualities that make the breed exceptionally welcome in the pet, show, and hunting home. The tail, carried merrily, is docked. The legs and body are well feathered, though not to the point of obscuring the true lines of the breed. Grooming is a consideration, and many Cocker owners opt for professional services. Nonetheless, the breed affords great companionship with its intelligence, affection, and overall pleasing demeanor.


The video below is from the Dogs 101, Animal Planet series.

The video below shows a smart Cocker playing, doing tricks, agility, and being natural.

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