English Springer Spaniel

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About English Springer Spaniel

English Springer SpanielEmerging from the same general pool of land spaniels as the English Cocker, the English Springer Spaniel was developed in England for the express purpose of “springing” game from cover to the delight of its hunting owner. The Springer is an exceedingly attractive dog of medium size, great intelligence, and always-active ways. He is a true sportsman who enjoys plenty of time outdoors, particularly in the company of family members. The breed comes in many color varieties, including black or liver with white markings, predominantly white with black or liver markings, tricolors, and blue or liver roan. Grooming is required, but essentially the breed is adaptable and easy to please. Height is about 20 inches at the shoulder, with females being typically smaller than males.


The video below is from Dogs 101, Animal Plafashnet series.

This video is a series of photographs of these wonderful dogs.

This video shows an adorable puppy and how beautiful the adult is!

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