German Shorthaired Pointer

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About German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired PointerThe German Shorthaired Pointer is not only a pointer but truly an all-around hunting dog: a keen-nosed trailer, buoyant duck dog, and natural retriever both on land and in water. The Shorthair represents the fastidious work of German hunting/breeding enthusiasts of the early nineteenth century. He is a well-balanced, symmetrical dog, rather clean cut, and deemed aristocratic by most admirers. Outstanding qualities include endurance and powerful drive, agility and adaptability, and intelligence and animation. The easy care coat is short and thick, and the skin is close and tight. The tail is docked. The German Shorthaired Pointer stands between 21-25 inches at the shoulder, weighs 45-70 pounds, and totes coat colors of solid liver and any combination of liver and white.


The video below is from Dogs 101, Animal Planet series.

The video below shows many wonderful short videos of a Shorthair growing up, learning to hunt, and such.

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