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This renowned pugilist traces to many of the various bulldogs and mastiffs found through Europe in the sixteenth century. The Boxer has been called the cousin to nearly every bulldog breed. Germany was first to refine the breed and created of the Boxer an awesome police dog. The Boxer combines an intelligent, dauntless character with a strong and agile body frame.

Like many of the other bulldog breeds, the Boxer may not welcome other dogs in its territory, though aggressiveness toward other dogs varies considerably from breed member to breed member. Boxers make excellent watchdogs, reacting sensibly to strangers and strange sounds.

General care of the Boxer is easy: the short coat requires only an once-over daily brushing, and the moderate size makes feeding requirements moderate, although they are known as messy eaters. Boxers delight in hours spent prancing with their owner. Because Boxers show a predisposition to some forms of canine cancer, the importance of finding a reputable breeder cannot be over looked.

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